Our Story

How often do you prioritize.. 

Work over family moments?

Meetings over your mother’s call?

Endless Instagram scrolling over calling a friend?

Family duty over an hour of exercise?

Junk Food over mindful eating?

Everything else over YOU?

Hi, I am Sugandh, founder of Egor Produce. And what you read above, in a lot of parts has been me until the summer of 2017 came knocking. A health scare put me to the hospital and as I lay there on the bed, I started to rethink all of the above things. You know sometimes you need that wake-up call, that near death experience to totally overhaul the way you look at life. Something, which years of advice and your own efforts can’t accomplish. 

The path thereafter wasn’t easy, it still isn’t but I started with small changes in my life. From taking an hour to exercise, to looking at what I ate and when I ate to revisiting the core questions of life. 

When I started making changes in my food, I realised that the only way forward is back, i.e back to basics. Be it replacing non-stick kadai with the iron one or adopting unprocessed lifestyle over the fast paced highly processed one. But I realised it wasn’t easy to find the right tools to make these changes. I also came into touch with so many people like me who despite an overcrowding of brands in the market were still looking to find pure and trustworthy solutions to their everyday needs. Sourcing authentic, true to the roots food ingredients being the major concern. 

What started as a personal journey eventually blossomed into an idea that finally became ‘Egor’. These challenge lies at the heart of my vision for Egor: Bringing solutions that are homegrown, authentic, natural and most importantly derived from our ancient wisdom. Be it food or a healthy lifestyle in general. 

How often do we find cricketers or film stars endorsing colas and chips that they would never use in their real life?

At Egor, anything we introduce is first tested in our kitchen and in our households. This simple philosophy helps us to not only stay true to our vision but also to source only the best products for you.

After all we are what we eat, isn’t it?. Even Bhagwat Gita talks about the importance of food in making us who we are. 

Therefore we choose

  • Naturally grown over fertiliser accelerated produce
  • Indigenous over the fancy imported ones
  • Traditional over genetically modified ones
  • Naturally preserved over Chemically laden products
  • Artisanal over factory produced

Because this is the only way we can create a future that is happy, illness free and sustainable not just for us but for our children too.

If this is something that resonates with you, Come join our movement! 

Let’s start the journey back to basics, together.

Love & Light